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Hi all,

I've been browsing the forum for several months whilst looking for a Mk1 GS300 Sport.

I've joined now i actually have the money together to buy when i find the right car!

I would like to know if there is a list of common faults with the later '96-'97 Mk1 or anything that a seller might typically try to hide on these cars. Also parts costs for such common faults would be handy.

I am a very competent home mechanic & know what i'm looking for in any secondhand car but specific pointers are always very handy especially with such an expensive & complex motor.

My budget covers a late Mk1 with some service history, though not "a minter". Typically £2500 - £3000 ebay money.

Many thanks & i look forward to showing off the new car when i find it!

Cheers, Jay.

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Hi Jay,

Welcome to the club,

Thinks to look for is -

Steering wheel wobble either during normal driving and when braking - warp'd discs.

Check for play in the front wheels by pulling from the top - could be ball joints or suspension bushes.

Check for un-even wear on the tyres - could be sign of tracking out or again bushes.

Open the boot and have a look under the boot lining for signs of water and water damage - leaking boot seal.

Off the top of my head, all I can think of but there will be others that can name a few area's to check as well. There's not really much that does go wrong even on the older models

Hope this helps and good luck with finding your dream motor.



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Hi and Welcome to the LOC :)

Some other stuff to look for on this link....

There a good solid car...Like Paul says though the upper ball joints are the ones to really check for wear as there over £200 :angry: a side to replace,thats just the parts from the main dealer,easy enough to fit though.

Good Luck..


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Thanks for that!

I was aware that the £200 a-side Upper wishbones tended to be an unseen problem, but recently heard about the "ABS actuator switch"? Any basis to this or is this person being a bit pedantic?

I've only ever seen 1 GS300 broken down on the hard-shoulder so i know general day-to-day reliability isn't an issue.

Still looking...

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