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Is200 Sport - Leather?

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I read the site, where it says:

Additional Features – IS200 Sport

17 inch alloy wheels with locking wheel nuts

Limited slip rear differential

8-speaker hi-fi system

Leather/Ecsaine® seat trim

Now, the reason I'm worried:

The car that's on it's way from germany as i write, is a sport (they say), but it has NOT get leather/Ecsaine (is this the same as alcantara?) trim..

What do you think, are they scamming me, or is it possible it actually didn't come with leather?

some pictures of the car:






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Did you buy a car from Germany based only on pictures, m8?

as we always do :)

it comes with a full service history etc., so i don't believe that will be a problem.

Only thing i was wondering about was the seats really..

I'm looking at several other pictures from other Sport editions, and several of them do NOT have the leather interior...

What's this about? Is the info on this site wrong?

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That was the cheapest model in the UK with those seats :( Probably not electric either.

I think you can see the manual adjustment knobs in the pic also looks like standard sill protectors and no sport grill. As said may be europe/UK differences

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Seats are deffo not leather or electric but that could be euro spec.

Scuff plates look like the S/S ones but hard to tell, the pedals and 2 tone steering wheel are Sport and it looks like it has the chrome exhaust finisher.

The Sport also came with the standard grille so that is not a clue.

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Mainland europe has always had more options than we have, and I'm pretty sure that Sport models in Europe had the half leather seats as an option, not as standard

Obviously don't take my word as absolute and do a little investigating (best way is to check with a German Lexus dealer) but I'm pretty sure that that's still a Sport but didn't have the optional leather seats fitted

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Correct - Well spotted. The rear quarter lights should also have the 'Sport' logo, although can't really see from the photo's if they are they are there or not. If they're not the rear tints will be film.

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two-tone steering wheel, alu pedals, rear window tints, looks 15mm lower, seems like a sport if it is German/Austrian spec.

The only sure way of knowing if it has the LSDiff.

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