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Fluid Quantities?


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Nevermind..... hours of searching later..... :blush:

Posting this up in case anybody else needs it......... :)

Engine oil

3S-GE oil change only=4.8 Liters/ recomended grade 5W30/SJ

3S-GE oil change with filter=5.1Liters/recomended grade 5W30/SJ

1G-FE oil change only=3.9 Liters recomended grade 10W30/SJ

1G-FE oil change with filter=4.1 L iters recommended grade 10W30/SH

Transmission oil

Toyota genuine MG gear oil special II (API GL-3 and SAE75W-90)

6 speeds MT 1.95 L 70W90/GL3

5 speeds AT 7.2 L Type T-IV

4th gear AT 6.3 L Type T-IV

Diff. oil

The Toyota genuine high boiled gear oil SX (API GL-5 and SAE85W-90)

LSD 1.00 L 85W90/GL5

NO LSD 1.05 L 85W90/GL5

Brake fluid --- Genuine 2500H

Clutch fluid --- Genuine 2500H

Power steering fluid 0.9 L


3S-GE 6.8 L

1G-FE 6.6 L

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