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Right, now I am seriously fed up.

A couple of months back, i bought a 37'' LCD Toshiba TV. Looks the part I have to say and was the recommended set....

DVD playback is good.

TV picture is woeful. Installing Sky doesnt seem to have helped either.

The problem is that watching the TV straight on is good. But from any other viewing angle, it becomes brighter and facial tones very pink. I have reviewed other LCD's and I dont see a similar problem.

I have altered my picture settings a hundred times over, to no avail. Unless I am missing something obvious. Toshiba tv's are a bit like Lexus cars - they just don't break, so I am confident there is nothing wrong with it.

Can any professional help out? What have I missed?


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If you're sure its not a problem with the screen, it might be worth getting a calibration DVD to optimise your picture settings, or even better get a professional to come and calibrate the screen for you (although I believe this isn't cheap)

Other possible options are to get a scan converter (not sure that's what they're called, maybe someone can confirm) to enhance the signal feed.

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You can get the discs mentioned above from for about 15 squid. Think they're called video essentials DVD or something like that.

May also be worth upgrading the connector leads if these are the standard ones that come with the TV. Also check that the video output on your sky is set to RGB in the picture settings.


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How wide a viewing angle are you looking at it from. Most LCD have a very narrow viewing angle...

Not sure, but not that much - the Tosh. has quite a wide viewing angle, it says.....

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The Viewing angle also works best at eye level. if its too low or too high then the viewing angles from the side will be alot narrower.

to me the problem does sound like its the viewing angle. can you try the same TV in a shop and check for its viewing angle?

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