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Bad Things Happen In Threes...

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Let me set the scene for you...

Midnight last night, fast asleep in bed dreaming about what I would like to do (if retribution was legal) to the silly old git who drove into me last Friday, and also what I'd like to do to the little scrote who nicked my dust caps in London on Monday when in my dream I hear an alarm, a f*****' loud one at that.

After a few seconds I realise this alarm is real and get up to investigate whereby I see the lights flashing on my lovely Lexus. Hhhmm, heard about alarm issues on the forum, maybe I had a faulty one too.

Then I notice I can't see any light reflecting off the rear of-side door window, realising what's happened I'm up and out. Window gone, half a house brick in the footwell of the near side because luckily enough the little tw*t threw it so hard he managed to smash the speaker on the opposite door!.

I had to wake the neighbour so I could put it in his garage as both mine are full with kids toys and garden furniture, we had a drive around and found one young lad walking with two bikes. Had a 'quiet' word with him and found out his mate had just been nicked for carrying an offensive weapon (good job he wasn't with him otherwise I'd be typing this courtesy of the NHS no doubt), went to the nick and spoke to plod and then went home.

Piccies below of all the smashed loveliness, and Autoglass can't get the window until tomorrow afternoon. Marvellous. PS Sorry for the size of the pics





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:tsktsk: :shutit: :yack: :nuke::devil: :arrrggg-matey: :sick::nugget::excl::angry:

WTF? OMG. Its like, you dont owe a shark loan or something?

I feel for you. If that happened to me, i'd most likely be banned from forums if I really told the world how I felt.

You getting it sorted through insurance? Got the cop-shop involved?


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What did the little ***** say when you asked him????

He was pretty scared, only about 15 yrs old and I had him pinned up against a tree. Like I said, I shouldn't have gone looking really as ten minutes before his mate would have been there as well and I probably would have got stabbed for my trouble due to him carrying an offensive weapon.

Whoever did it searched the armrest and glove box for stuff (probably SatNav and the like). They nicked my beer phone which is a Motorola V3. As it's rubish they're welcome to it, and as I work for Orange and deal with our security team a lot I'll know when it pops back up on a Network and with what number which I can then pass to the police. Might call it first though just to get him scared..

:tsktsk: little :tsktsk: , if I ever catch him I'll :tsktsk: ...probably call the police just to be safe

Going through insurance as company car. Just annoyed really, and it filled my kids car seats with glass so probabably going to have to buy new ones now to be safe.

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im reall sorry for you mate, the worlds going mad, if this had of been me i would have probs slapped the little S**t and faced the consequences later.

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:o Sorry to see another forum member having there car damaged.

What time was this then,Surely these kids should be in bed ready for school in the morning not out up to no good :tsktsk: I blame the parents for not caring what there kids are up to,out of sight out of mind.

Hope thats the end of your run of bad luck.

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What a dose. Similar thing happened to the wife last year in an underground car park, we came back from the pub, I was half p****d and noticed widow was broken and stereo gone, went all gung ho and found scum bag hidding in corner, he pulled a knife so I let him away. Wfe was upset for a long time. hope your situation works out

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What is the world coming to..................when we were kids we were taught to treat other peoples property as your own, otherwise it was a clip round the ear from the local bobby and then one from your old man for good measure.....blo :tsktsk: ody scrotes

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Bloody car scroats! Kill them all!

Although I hope your now going to empty the garage and use it for what its there for, protecting cars!

I've also had bad luck today, had a guy dent the wing of my MR2, luckily he will be paying for it, so it's more of an inconvience.

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Gutted mate. I had a little bad luck too today and had to get the t-cut out because of soemone not watching what they were doing. Nothing on the same level as this but it happened whilst i was in the photographers conviently. I know it was a little tw@t on a bike.

May their stomach bile overflow and result in their premature death.

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Little s:tsktsk:s

looks like that will be expensive there seems to be a lot of accidents/damage vehicles being reported on the LOC at the moment

On the bright side at least you had no occupants in that baby seat at the time. (if that is a baby seat int the 3rd Pic?)


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Hi all,

Thanks for all the words of support - good to know everybody is on the same side (not that I really expected anything less - this is the LOC afterall :winky: )

To answer but a few of the replies;

Yes, it is one of the child seats in the picture - now have two new ones so £190 the lighter. On a plus side, the others were a year old so I now have nice new ones that match the new car :D

One garage is well and truly emptied and I'm working on the other one so the other car can go away as well.

Should have the window replaced at midday today so will be back waterproof!

Bodywork and trim will be done on the 5th July!! Guy could do it on the 16th June but I'm on hols then.

Not spoken to the police yet to see what's happening with the kid they caught, got my crime reference number so that'll be it I reckon.



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My neighbour has a bmw z3 They broke all the glass and reomoved the entire hood and with the rain!!!!

I dont think the police are one bit interested!


Anything which requires police work they wont be bothered with unless its handed to them on a plate is my experience.

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