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No Power To My Fuel Pump


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My '99 is200 has a problem which I have been trying to resolve for a while. It will not start -- No fuel. I have found that I have no power to the fuel pump. ( ever ). Even when cranking the engine. I have reset the ECU without success. Does anybody know which sensors could affect this ??? Or is there a fuse that I cannot find ??? Or does this vehicle have sensors which cut the fuel during an accident ??? If so where are they ??? ( I have not had an accident but suspect a faulty sensor )


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Who told you the fuel pump didn't work?

Not 100% sure on the IS200, but do you get any audiable pump sound around the petrol cap area when the car runs?

One way to verify if it works is to undo the valve on the fuel rail (only VERY slightly) , turn ignition on (make sure rag is under the undone valve) if fuel comes out your pump is fine and there is another problem to your fueling.

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  • 15 years later...

My IS200 would not start either and I found the fuel pump got no power. I've been to hell and back:

  • Checked the pump - it pumped.
  • I got sparks, so it was not the EFI relay.
  • I checked the Circuit Opening Relay and that was not the problem either: it switched on all right.
  • This all also ruled out any inhibitor kicking in, or the ECU being defective.
  • Finally, I got the engine running again by applying 12V straight to the pump (check polarity!)

Now, according to all diagrams there should be a combination of fuel pump relay and fuel pump resistor (0.3 Ohm), that put the pump at 12V at times of engine start or acceleration, or put the resistor in series otherwise to 'prevent pump burnout'. I cannot find the relay or the resistor anywhere on my car and yes I have looked. I'm not a fan of cracking open those wiring looms, risking even more malfunctios, so I'm about to hotwire my fuel pump some way to get a few more kilometers out of my 560k+ car.

For those who might get to this point may this be of any help, otherwise thanks to y'all for all support I got on this forum. Fuel Injection/m_fi_0006.pdf Diagnostic Procedures/m_di_0121 (2).pdf Fuel Injection/m_fi_0054.pdf


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