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Newbie Problem


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hi again

got my 98 altezza last week, i put a new Battery in it and serviced it... i've been using octane booster in the fuel .... now the problem starts when the car is cold it keeps misfiring ...

i have ik20 plugs in it...

when im driving it keeps hesitating at about 3000 revs... i spoke to another tezza owner and he says that they all do that and i am just going to have get used to it.....surely there is something i can do as money is starting to run out and i want my car running right.....

any help ... wes

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At the start did'nt know what was going on :

so checked the gap on the plugs.... they where ok,

checked timing belt and timing that was ok,

checked the cat and that was ok,

so a mate of mine said that he had the same problem and he changed the air sensor so we tried his on it and sure as hell it was the problem,

so two days later i got a new sensor for the grand old price of €170.

so now the car is flying again......

so my next stage is an apexi intake and hks exhuast and if i can get a nice strutbrace i will be happy...

then a bodykit...

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