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Hi Folks,

A niggle with my GS430 in that the steering column lock does not appear to engage. I've tried wiggling the steering slightly after removing the key but no joy. I can insert and remove the key with no problem though.

In the worst possible case does this mean a new ignition barrel, keys and locks? :ohmy:

Is there anything I can try prior to going to my main dealer?



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no - a new barrel can be made to fit your exsting key so it will only be a new barrel at worst ---- if that is the problem

Thanks for the reply. The fact a complete lock/key change is not required is somewhat reassuring.

Done a search on the board prior to posting and haven't come across any instances of this problem before. Ignition barrel problems tend to be related to the key sticking in the barrel.

Guess i'll be booking it into my main dealer.


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