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Nurburgring 2


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following the success of this years april run to the ring

and due to the positive feedback from many people

its been decided to do it again



August 19th and 20th


(as before) the Accor in Cologne hotel link page

rough plans:

travel out on friday 18th

track during the day 19th

track during the day 20th

travel back on monday 21st

days for travelling to and from can be up to the individual to pick and choose

days at the ring cannot, reason being that they are the only two full days for months, due to weather and track closures its best to allow full days rather than half day openings

rough costs:

ferry (dover to calais) £70

hotel (1 night) £50

petrol (£100-£150)

the arrangements will be settled by those wishing to go, links to hotels and ferries will be made available soon

there will be no deadlines, but the later you leave it the less chance there will be of getting a booking

there are no plans to visit TTE (as of yet)

any thoughts or ideas welcome

list of names:


Bazza and Janey (hotel booked) (ferry booked)

Jason and Josie (hotel booked)

Sanj +2+1 mystery guest (hotel booked) (ferry booked)


lee (hotel booked) (ferry booked)

Dave (hotel booked) (swimming lessons booked)

Maneesh (hotel booked) (ferry booked)

Rsarin (hotel booked)

Steve (hotel booked) (ferry booked)

Gord (hotel booked) (ferry booked)

possibly interested and thinking about it :




Johnnyboy and Hannah


nick the greek

link to aprils visit to nurburgring

yet another link to aprils visit

link to pics and thoughts of aprils visit

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Me and Josie :)

I think we will make a longer trip of it this time though, prolly a week abroad or something :)

That will leave me loads of time to eat as much steak on teh stone as possible :)

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What an idea, didn't think you could wait for another year :D

Thinking about going over on the Tuesday 15th, have a couple of evenings at the ring too, if I can remember where it is :duh:

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My names not on the list :o :crybaby: :P

Put me down uncle barrie...not sure how many passengers yet...probably 2 car from my my side :shifty: :winky:

p.s. thought the accomadation was ibis?

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Ahhh, missed the last one. :tomato:

Ahh, definitely put me down for this. I think the GS should break 9 minutes on the ring :lol::lol:

So will be it be 10 IS200s trying to keep up with me like it was on the convoy to Japfest? :D :D

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Maneesh you seem to have a new woman everyday,whats going on? :o got any spare?

I'm working my way through the 3 billion women on this planet as quickly as possible. :lol: Yeah, of course you can have my leftovers! :yawn:

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Is it Lexus only?

this being a lexus club

this being a club full of lexus owners

this being a club full members who drive lexus

what do you think ?? :yawn:

of course not, take whatever you want

bring whoever you want

the more the merrier

i may well be in the toyota :lol:

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Not sure what to take.........Aristo would be nice but not sure if I'll have time to fit the Prolex-UK coil overs & ARBs :duh:

Probably will be the IS which will be nice.....not looking forward to having to do manual gear changes :blush: best thing with an auto is you just hang onto the steering wheel :winky:

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I'm down as a possible, with my MR2.

I never made it to the last trip due to many reasons, but this one looks more promising for me at the moment :)

Cool, another Tubby pilot! :D

we'll have to go easy on the loud pedal, let the lex drivers keep up :D :D :D

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feel free to book

as a general guideline

last time

we booked ferry for about 2 pm going there

and about 5 pm coming back

gave plenty of time either way

if we could all book the same ferry times we can convoy up there, which was a lot of laughs last time

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