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Diagnostics Port And Breather Pipes


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i have a 93 ls400 - and can i find this bloody diagnostics port can i balls

please help me ive looked by the air filter by the fuses please someone help!!!!

also can you help me locate the breather pipes cos i need to clean them - im waiting for my ls400 hand book so for the time being im doing this!!!!

thanks for your help


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Hi Mat,

The breather pipe is about the size of your little finger and comes out of the rocker top cover,if you look to the right side of the engine pictured and look above the oil top up cap you can see the breather pipe.


The diagnostics port will have a rubber cover over the top of it to keep dirt/water out,on the picture its on the left side near the bonnet gas damper that holds the bonnet up,not the big black box the smaller one next to it. :excl: On your car look on the other side (passenger) because its a left hand drive car thats pictured(best photo i could find)

Hope that helps.


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mate here is my baby - again not started really sorting her out yet but give me a clue on the diagnostic port

please again excuse the state of the engine bay not started it yet

ok my pictures havent worked

ill try later

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