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got our new work phones - t mobile vario handsets. basically a pda phone with direct email push (like blackberry but windows based with attachment capabilities)

slide out qwerty keyboard for typing and full touch screen. I am very impressed. earlier I edited contract docs on excel and word and emailed them back to the office. 3meg email too.

don't know what I would do without it now and i've only had it for 4 days!

currently sitting in a hotel room flicking through loc.

happy days :D

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hiya mate thats nice im quite interested in these pda/phones, is the vario the daddy pda phone or are there others out there that have the edge?these varios have a very bright screen ive heard and cos the keyboard is so easy to use you dont have to use the stylus much,is it easy to use/hold whilst on the move?my 9500 is a bit fiddly and have dropped it many times,its now pretty much dead.i assume these cost bout £450-600 unblocked.

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Until they start going wrong :winky:

A little :offtopic: but I attended a course/training on these Blackberry phones and Windows Push Mail handsets. This in mind was hosted by an independant company, they slated the Windows handsets as unreliable and typical Microsoft ignorance "Were the best at everything" and basically said that the Vario and SPVs play second fiddle to Blackberry.

Blackberry is also used by many countries MOD for their excellent encriyption.

Anyway, I hope your new gizmo continues to please you waddy. Can't complain regardless as its a company phone.

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I don't know what they cost to be honest, the company have sorted them out. they did say though that they have sorced the best phones currently on the market.

dead easy to use. when typing etc the full slide out keyboard is brilliant. I would recommend one. they are obviously heavier than a standard mobile handset but then look at what you are getting. it's quite amazing what they can squeeze into these things now.

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