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Lotus Carlton/omega


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was a bit bored and found this VID, you can see the speed in the RH corner - what amazes me is the acceleration of the lotus - amazing!

and they are cheap in the UK!

to see the vid best right click it and select 100%

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Yep they are very very Quick.

I been driven around in one on a track day and i was amazed at the performance and handling.

There a very fragile car though so read up on them before you look at buying one :winky:

10 plus grand will buy you one nowadays..

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have heard they are a bit sensitive - but hey if i can ever afford the insurance on one( here the insurance is on the car not the person - so anyone can drive it) being LHD wont be a prob!

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Nice find Rob.

That reminds me of a legendary battle we had with one a couple of years ago, trying to make it reliable - absolute knighmare :ohmy:

Parts are also thin on the ground for them if anything breaks :crybaby:

Any chance of digging out some info/pictures of the project?

I had a look through your website but didnt find anything.



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