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Mp3 Cd Playback ?

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Hi guys, just a quick q once agian, the 6cd changer on the IS200, does it support mp3 files or is it just Audio cds? if so would Lexus be able to install a mp3 cd player in there or can I use my own head unit would anyone know? :lol:

No MP3, audio CDs only.

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Damn, ok onto plan B, are you able to use your own head unit?

Dunno about changing the head unit, I can't see why you couldn't.

In the end I went with the iPod and connected it up using a cassette adaptor - it worked a treat and cost me £20, but, you need to have an iPod.

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Yeah, you can replace head unit with aftermarket stuff without too much trouble, you will need to get a standard DIN facia though, I have seen them on ebay or maybe you can get one from Lexus or other places - not sure. Do a search on ebay for "IS200 facia" and you will see what I mean.

I thought about doing that but decided against it in the end and got an iPod adaptor instead (see the other thread already linked).

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