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Excel Formula Help Please


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need to enter a numerical value in one cell, enter a % figure in the next cell and return the value in the cell next to that,


cell 1, cell2, cell 3

£150, 10%, £15

normally i can do this myself but cant find the formula i need to write this all in one cell..


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A1 enter 150

B1 enter 10

C1 enter A1/B1

That's not quite right as if you needed 50%, and put 150/50 you get 3 and not 75.

For the formula..

A1 - £150

A2 - 100

A3 - The percent you want to calculate ie 10 in this case

A4 - =A1*(A3/A2)

Remember to type the equals sign..

The easiest way however is to put

A1 - £150

A2 - Percent you want to calculate

A3 - =A1*A2

But, select Cell A2 and then on the formatting bar at the top of the worksheet, click on the % button.

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