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Im after a new Digital Camera know shiesen all about them.

what i do know is that i want a really small one (one that doesnt look like i have large baby in my pocket) so that i can carry it around in my pocket.

it doesnt have to have bzillions of megapixels as im not going to blow them up poster size.

a big screen would be nice too.

was wondering if anyone could give me some ideas on make/models that fit the above.


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Nothing still really beats film, unless you've got £400+squids and can afford a dig SLR, but then you are talking baby in the pocket!!

Any digital camera that has solely dig zoom will be pretty naff. You need some sort of optical zoom too to get the best shots. And it depends on your budget...

I have a Sony DSC10, 5.0mp camera which is fantastic, though even after zooming you need a steady hand or on full zoom a tripod to stop any "blurring". All my car shots were taken on it. It gives a surprisingly good video mode as well...There is a newer 7.2mp version that I know of and would swear by it. For around £200 ish it's a no-nonense steal!!


The only small snag with Sony's is that only tend to use their own Memory stick (though it's much more widely and cheaply available), and make sure you get a spre battery with whatever camera you go for.

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I would personally go for Canon, by far the best pictures, and they're really small with huge screens. Go for the Ixus 55, 60 or 65 (the 55 will do you fine if you don't print large photos, and imo is the best looking)

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I have a Canon 750, Very good camera.


They just released the 800 thats 4xOptical.

It all depends on your price range!.......

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I am also in the same boat and searching for a digital camera.

A very good web site is to see any reviews.

The quality of camera very much depends on your price range.

My shortlist after weeks of reading reviews are teh canon ixus 60 (c. £190) and the canon ixus 750 (c.£220). I have been recommended the ixus 60 on the basis of price, pixels and quality by a teacher of digital photography.

Good luck

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fuji finepix z1

no problems with it


big screen


zoomy bits

movies with sound as well

easy uploading via docking station

i had a compact fuji finepix, very good photos and easy to use, well priced too.

i have a fuji finepix SLR now, very impressed, has good reviews too

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