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Mr Morse

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Didnt go myself but i heard that Axl turned up one and a half hours late and was running off for 10mins after each song to have a go in his oxygen tent. Apparently they were brilliant though. :winky: He was late because he wouldn't turn up until his oxygen tent was put up professionally.

Just returned from the Isle of Wight festival myself where the Prodigy and Foo Fighters were wicked, So were Coldplay / Richard Ashcroft and Primal Scream. But they might be a bit too mellow for your hard rock tastes Mike.

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Went to the Irish download (a pale imitation of the real thing, but enjoyable nonetheless). Axl surprised me greatly by turning up exactly on time, meaning that I missed Welcome to the Jungle. I thought the set was really good, despite the lack of momentum and the regular "instrumental jams" while Axl disappeared offstage. To be honest, that didn't bother me at all -- being in the sun listening to the man himself sing the soundtrack to my teenage years was enough for me.

Metallica, it has to be said, were awesome. It's the fifth time I've seen them, and was probably the best. The last time I was sufficiently disappointed that I said I wouldn't go see them in the RDS again. I'm glad I broke my own promise!


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