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Gs300 Mk2 Problem With Remote Unlock / Immobiliser

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Sorry that this is my first post....

Bought the car recently and until an hour ago all has been fine.

Only have one key with three buttons -- lock, unlock, and boot. Master key?

Remote is not unlocking the car.

LED on key lights when I press the buttons.

If I open the door with the key, the alarm LED on the dash is flashing, but nothing else lights up, and no switches work.

Nothing happens when I put the key in the ignition.

Is this a problem with the key, or a blown fuse, or what? Any help gratefully accepted!

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Hiya mate

your car has been immobilised

put the key into the ignition and turn it one click to acc, leave it there for 6 mins and then turn off, remove key and then put the key in again and all should be well.

Have you disconnected the battery by any chance before this happened?

yeah, it's the master key you have there..don't lose it!

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Doh! The battery which started the car no problem this morning was ABSOLUTELY flat. Not even enough to light the sidelights. It just didn't occur to me that it could have discharged so completely. Connected a battery with some charge in it and the remote locking worked.....

That's the trouble with a new car (new to me anyway), I didn't know whether everything would be dead if the remote wasn't working.

Thanks for the reply Maneesh..... but be a bit slower next time, eh? Then I can edit my post and conceal my stupidity :)

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