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Hello (again)


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Hello all!

Some of the "older" members of the forum may remember me from a few years ago. I ran a 2000 IS200 SE From 2000 to 2004 before replacing it with a 350Z. Unfortumetly, I had to let the Z go as my wife and I had a baby boy in January. So once I knew he was on the way I sold it and replaced it with a very sensible Honda Accord 2.4 Executive which has been a great car and although there is nothing wrong with it, the pull of another Lexus was just too strong. So over the past few weeks I've been roadtesting GS300s and IS250s - In the end I plumped for a GS300 SE-L in Paladio silver with grey leather. Picking it up next Thursday (all going to plan). So looking forward to that.

Really looking forward to getting back into Lexus ownership!

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Thanks chaps. Just noticed my come back date is exactly 4 years after joining up here! Spooky!

Meant to ask, I'm getting the car from Lexus Stoke - anyone here bought from them before?

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Well I picked up the new GS300 on Thursday night. I'm absolutely delighted with it and I'm still discovering things I never knew it had (some aren't even detailed in the brochure). I love the automatic rear blind and the auto open/close of the windows/sunroof. And for such a big heavy car the power from the 3L V6 is very good. It's a great car for crusing at the journey back up (300 miles) from picking it up was great, taking full advantage of the excellent ML audio system. Sat Nav system is a bit more fidgety that that in the 350Z or Accord but works well and the integrated traffic system is cool - loved the fact it warned me of "heavy winds 5 miles ahead" on the M6. Just a shame you have to stop the car in order to program it - similarly, the phone only fully works when the car is stopped, although you do have 18 "one touch" numbers you can store. Just a shame Lexus didn't think to read the phonebook directly from the phone rather than having to pre-load it and especially as my phone can only transfer one number at a time.

I'll try and get some pictures up - but I'm sure we all know what a GS300 looks like! :D

So far 10/10 !

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