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18" Tte Sports Alloy Centre Cap


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i think about 35 pounds each.

still looking


I may have a couple that I was going to refurb, but then acquired a further full set in better condition for my spare set of sport wheels.

If you can hang on a couple of weeks ( I'm off to the States Friday) I'll have a search im my garage for them.

I have sucessfully stripped the old laquer off polished and relaquered a set that I have on my wheels at the moment.

Let me know if you are interested.

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Hello! My car is Aristo 1999 reg. I bought second hand alloys from GS MkIII, 18' 5 spoke, w/o chrome. Everything great, exept that missing centre caps (60mm). Went to Lexus dealers in Woodford and ask for caps; they asking me Reg No. I told them I got GS 1999 reg, but alloys are from new GS 2005-2006 years model. And they coudn't help me!

Anybody got 4 spare cenre caps or new GS with 18' wheels just for reg No for dealers. Any ideas?




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