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The Eagle Has Landed

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Have been having a busy time ....moving to the North and buying a house ...and today picked up my IS250 SE MM that I ordered in February.!!!!!!! in the South where I used to live.

I will have saved approx 18000 euro by moving to NI(UK).

Hope to have a good weekend getting used to this beauty!!! :D :)

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Hi RO1.No VRT £38 to register here and £190 12mths road tax...also w800i direct DL of phone book....great!!!...just been out in the dark enjoying pressing buttond......gone back about 30 years....great!!!!

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I'm from the north too and it would sicken you how much they expect you to pay down there!!

Although the petrol price is a lot better! Suppose that doesn't really bother you either as you can still nip over the border. :winky:

Enjoy the new car.

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Bryan, we can nip over the border to buy a car, but to register it in the republic will require payment of VRT (vehicle registration tax). On a car with a 2 litre or higher engine, this is 30% of the open market selling price of the car. So, not just 30% of the UK value, but 30% of the Irish selling price after the 30% has been put on! This is in addition to 21% VAT. My IS250 SE auto cost EUR 58,500 or GBP 39,000.

I'm still happy with it! (apart from a rattle that the dealer made worse)

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Enjoy your Weekend with your Brand New Car B)

Its been a Great day for a drive Today.

I set off early and drove over to Wales to have my car checked over after having new parts fitted.....Ended up going to Barri Island and what a Great day we had...Lovely Sunny day.

Today was a good day to test the aircon.



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