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One Of The Best Finds For 80's Music


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There's some corkers on there.

i well fancied that bird out of Black box, and technotronic.

And Enya :blush:

Check out Mr.T "treat your mother right"

That's awesome, hes's nails (i pity the fool) :D .

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Great find Pip..... :D

I was hoping it had Transvision Vamp.... "I don't care", but alas i made do with " your the only one"

For any young Pups that have never heard of Transvision Vamp... check it out...

Oh Wendy James...... :wub: :heart: what a Babe ...... now that brought back a lot of happy memories, I had their "tape" lol used to listen to it on my walkman while cycling to school, always cycled flat out when " Baby I don't care" was playing ...... :D


Bit of "Googling" later ... here is a link to "Baby I don't care" Video


Just been on Amazon and bought the CD..... Go,d i'm sad.... lol :blush:

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P!ssed up and cant find the sh!tting tune i want...probably the most constructive thread on lexus board in a while lol!!

"My car wont start where do i place the dynamite?"

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People name some good songs from that list. I was only a wee napper in the 80's so i dont really know names etc.

I obviously found Def Leppard, Alexander O Neal, Flock of seagulls, Joy Division..

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