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Braking Capability


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As the title states I have a problem I done a long trip into london today to take my 73yr old aunt on her weekly shop (lets all say ahhh) but anyway on the way there I was in the middle lane traveling about 80ish looking at the new Saab in front (think its the new 95)



At that point the saab in front swerved drematicly across into the fast lane and left a pile of debrie in its path

as i try to establish what the falling debrie was the car in the 1st lane (i was about to overtake) swerves into my lane Oh sh!t on go the anchors my only escape route was left and the hard shoulder misses screaming the whole works!!!

the car handled fantastic and I had every confidence it would but now on the jorney back braking capability is not the same i'm not saying its not working it's just not efficent in the same way I'm working twice as hard

For the Technical minded Pads are Fine

Disks are fine

Fluid level is fine

Breaks had plenty of time to cool down before journey home

anyone got any suggestions its going for a check tomorrow anyway but any prior advice would be much appreciated

Oh and the falling debrie..................................

Mother duckling and siblings crossing the 1st 2lanes of the M40 South Bound

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Good call Noel!!!

I also had a similar scare like that and I kept testing and trying my brakes after for about a week, thinking they weren't working right.

It could be the electronics (EBA I think it is???? somthin like Electronic Brake Assist)

Means when you suddenly hit the brake pedal the ECU automatically applies more pressure than you have applied to compensate for your lack of judgement!!!!

I know it sounds stupid but if you have ever driven a new Renault megane you will know what I am on about LOL:-)

This system will have kicked in when you were on the motorway but because you may have been testing/trying your brakes after you may be expecting more from them.........if you know what I mean.

It's kinda hard to put into words.

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