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Speaker Mounts


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I am fabricating up some front door speaker mounts tomorrow if anyone woudl be interested in the template.

Im looking to put 6" Infinity kappas in there. Not too sure about the rears yet, but most likley the same.

Brakets / mounts will be made from MDF, and should cost you about £20 and soem time to make up. Full details tomorrow.

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Should have said Dual Exit Exhaust, was on msn talking about speaker boxes at the time :lol:

Also interested in the speaker mounts for that deeper sound

Sorry again bit lost, dont want to get it wrong.

Are we talking Dual tail pipe and dual exit?

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lol I only want dual exit single tail, preferably 3" rolled out lip

Yes that is what I am desiging. Pretty much there actually.

and a ball park figure? :whistling: :)

Im contacted the mods about becoming a trader and the replies have been a bit odd to say the least. £480 ayear just for a banner!! I think not for a forum of this size. I only want the aristo bit!

I'm looking at around the £500 mark Full stinless made to order.

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