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Polishing Products Etc.


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Sorry, lots of questions:

1. What products are safe to use with a random orbit polisher, such as my fantastic new PC7424? I've used Clearkote Machine glaze but have other products in the garage such as Meguiars 3 step.

2. Does anyone apply carnauba wax with an orbital polisher, or is this best by hand?

3. What's best: Klasse sealant glaze over a layer of carnauba or the other way around?

4. Anyone cleaned their engine and bay? Any good tips for the IS200?

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1) Meguires should be ok.. I use the various Sonus products with the random polisher. Obviously different heads have different abrasiveness so use the appropriate product with the correct head..

2) Carnuba wax to be applied by hand. Do a panel at a time, then buff off, then do another panel etc

3) Klasse sealant glaze BEFORE waxing. You can wax on top of sealant glaze but cant put sealant glaze on top of wax.

4) Not done mine yet, but will be in a couple of weeks. I've bought some engine bay cleaning stuff from Autopia. Have a look in the car care section (link at top of page) or in the car detailing sub forum. There are a few how to's on cleaning the engine bay with pics :D

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