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Towing Equipment For The Rx And General Comments

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Hi Everyone,

I promised in previous posts that I would post accurate info on what I found out regarding towing equipment on my fairly new RX300 (2003 model).

I had a detachable BRINK towbar and electrics fitted at Motabars in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. I have used these people before and my feelings are they are without a doubt first class. The cost of this work on my RX300 was £434. Worth every penny.

We have towed our fairly heavy German Tabbert 540 (single axle) down South for a couple of weeks recently and we are off again for a 2 week tour on Wednesday of this week. The towbar and electrics are 100%. The high quality relay equipment on the 12S socket brings the fridge and 12v charging in very quickly and is much better than my previous equipment on the Mercedes... Following an appointment with Motabars we left the car with them , went shopping and received a call on the mobile in just about 2 hours that the car was ready for collection ... NO PROBLEM.

Anyone out there wanting this type of service could do a lot worse that have a nice day in the lovely town of Leamington Spa and let them get on with it.

My (and my my wife's) feelings now about the RX300 are very clear.... We are not political people. We speak as we find things. There is no way whatsoever would we go back to Mercedes Benz .. We are keeping our BMW330D as the 'Tesco Waggon' but the Lexus RX300 is something else. We think it is fantastic. We also cannot fault the service from Lexus in Oxford.

Compared to the Mercedes E300 diesel,the car is a little thirsty... I knew this whenI bought it and we are not windging... If anyone could give us some guidance on fitting an LPG kit to the car, this wouldbe really appreciated... Many posts have been made about Toyota engines andLPG which do concern me a little...

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated......

Excellent Web site by the way...


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