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Need Advice Clued Up Boys Needed

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Ok as some may know ive bought an old tired ls400 on a k plate - so much protential or money not sure yet haha. i need loads of things from a scrap heap!!!!!

BUT ive seen on eBay a 2000 model with sat nav and with some upgrades for only 650. the idea is to go to london strip it down of things i need then put on to my 93 model. im worried that they have been some major change in the construction and the sat nav wont work in mine and some, for example the plastic covering in the engine bay has drastically changed!!!!

can people please advise is this a bad move?

please help thank you

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Im not so sure everythings going to fit.

If your after secondhand parts for your car try giving Swift breakers a call they will more than likely have most aparts,they can post it to you.

Ive bought a fair few bits from them and they havent let me down so far :)

Swift 01903856568

Good Luck.


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I don't think that you will have any joy fitting the Sat/Nav to your car.

It will probably cost an arm and a leg if it is at all possible.

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