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Hillbillies And Harleys


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Greetings y'all from North Carolina!

Having a few days holiday here, and all I can say is that they don't move over from the fast lane, you have to undertake..very strange..oh, some Chevy truck tried to run me off the road because I flashed them!!! :duh:

Caught up with some hillbillies from Tennessee on their Harleys, and we convoyed through the mountains..was well funny, me in my pimped out Cadillac!

Then I got stopped by a state trooper for speeding at night, and I managed to talk my way out of a 200 dollar fine!

Looking forward to catching up with you guys at JAE as I've managed to get hold of some very special Lexus goodies for my car... :lol:

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I put on a really big British accent and just said I didn't realise the pedal was to the metal! Yeah lucky I didn't get stopped in South Carolina, they make you spend the night in jail for speeding!

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