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Time To Go, But Not Too Far


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Well its time to leave the fold, as the is200 is costing us a fortune in black stuff and the journeys to ikea/b&Q/frosts/sainsburys etc etc etc really show up the lack of space in the car.

Also if we keep it any longer the paintwork is going to look really beaten up, as it is very very thin paint!!

yes its had all the KAIO and wax etc, but it seems its getting a scratch a week at the mo!

looking at the mpv market as we want to tour europe and do carboot sales etc, and we like the Toyota Corolla Verso..................unfortunately...............

we made the mistake of test driving the fully specced t180----crikey its like s off a shovel yet does 40 mpg!!

bit better than our baby, and feels a lot quicker too, oddly enough.

we also test drove the t180 rav4---a lovely car, but out of our price range, ruddy quick as well.

Santa fe also good, but about a year behind toyoota in bells and whistles---plus they`re seliing so many you can`t get a fully specced one till october!

if they did a 40mpg diesel rx or ismpv, then we wouldn`t go but unfortunatley all cars seem to be compromised in one way or the other at the moment.

Oh, and the ford SMAX---what a pile of rubbish.....looks the business from the outside, but i`d give the interior 6 months if you have kids...even the showroom model had 3 broken things on its trim!!!!! Shocking build quality.

strewth 20 grand for a corolla verso is steep, but it is a very sweet car.

#peace out! :D

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Good luck mate - if it's the diesel, then now you'll have the same engine as my 220d in the Verso!!!

I've had a go in the petrol and have to say it was very good indeed. Best MPV in that bracket, though the new Zafira (yes a Vauxhall :spew: ) is almost as good though not as well put together.

Good luck!!

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If you're buying a Toyota you're not really "leaving the fold", more like "popping next door"! I've moved from Toyota to Lexus myself, it's a natural progression. A lot of the toys that appear first in the Lexus range seem to filter down to the Toyotas anyway, so if you're buying brand-new (and losing the equivalent of about ten sets of tyres as soon as you leave the dealership) you'll find a lot of the creature comforts still there.

Got to agree about the Fords, interior is tackier than fly paper! Wouldn't expect any of it to last.

Good luck with your choice!

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cheers chaps, i`m happy though that we`re getting another relatively rare car----not many t180s about in black with blacked out windows....

i don`t know about gangsta PDiddy, more like PDaddy!!!!!!

i`m just happy i can see it in the car park in amongst all the silver cars and audi/bmw/mercs!!!!!

still don't want to get shot of my lexus though.......................oh burger!!!!

japanese is the way to go though,

Konichi wa and stay safe my fellow lexiites (?!) :duh: :D

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well guys, did the deal and now own a 55 reg, 13000 miler T180 corolla verso 2.2d 180bhp 40 mpg mpv in black, with black tinted rear windows, ice, front camera, rear parking assist, sat nav, partidge in a pear tree.

Was up for 19995, part ex on my 02 reg 54000 graphite sky is200 se, with stone chips but shiny as buggery, got cost to change of 10750. so basically 9200 part ex for the lexus, which we paid 14000 for 3 years ago.

Quite shocked to get valuations from 6500 to 8500, but told they retail at 10000.

Steven eagle toyota in MK have put the lexus to auction at 7500.

Got free mats, and some scrtahes sorted, but on delivery they found a leaky shock so that was replaced. But then the bloody valeter whacked the back end with his gun and put a 2 inch dent in the tail gate...buerk.

Thats getting sorted +free fuel, but i doubt whether they will be able to iron out that crease to invisibility!!

Surprised how emotional we all got, especially the kids, saying bye to the lex...served us faithfully and it stood out from the crowd--still not over it, but the verso is a better car overall for our needs.

However do miss electric seats+heated seats, electric mirrors, sunroof, lexus 'look'.

Still, aparently theres like 5 cars of our spec in the entire country, and we can`t miss it in the car park! And how the buggery did we manage without cruise control, i`m still playing with that!

Also Surprised a few people when i put my foot down and the mpv zoomed off, leaving them behind heh heh,it is very quick, but it doesn`t make you want to drive quick like the lexus, which is quite odd. Now quite happy do the diesel mpv 'saunter', safe in the knowledge that i can cream a lot of cars on the road!

However, still look longingly at the Lexus, and we could have got an is220d (even though appranetly the t180 has actually got that engine!!), but with family of 4 camping equipment round europe, ikea trips and car boot sales, the is220d just isn`t practical enough, sexy though it is.

But oh crikey, how quick does black paintwork go dirty in this weather???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o :duh: :D

Peace out, and look for the black t180 and give us a lexus wave, 'cos we`re ultra rareand you can`t miss us!!!!

Take care out there boys (&Girls) :winky:

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If i see you i'll wave :winky:

All the best mate.

passed you under the m1 tunnel at the weekend, only noticed when we heard the exhaust note and saw you in the rear view! TTFN Dan


i always rev it under that tunnel, makes anyone walking down there flinch :hehe:

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