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Double Din Facia Plate

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Guy and Gals,

I was thinking of purchasing one of these , a double din fascia so I can mount some kind of touch screen i there to replace my stereo. (Part of my plans for the old Lexputer :D)

Anybody got any experience in doing something like this? (I'm sure I've seen a few around here) Just want to know how easy it it to fit a screen and do they fit well, or is it a case of using sticky back plastic and loo rolls? Or am I better looking out for a manufactures solution by somebody far more professional than me? (You may have seen my 'brake dics' thread. :blush: )

Any info would be greatly appreciated. I have some good plans for my lexputer.......


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I bought that one for my replacement head-unit, it's OK, slight difference in the dash finish...

I recommend you get the full replacement type from the states as it would be a lot more suitable for fitting a flush screen...

If you are putting in one of those motorised pop out units then the eBay one is fine

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