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I've Done It! I've Got Myself A New...


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Some of you may or may not know I have been looking for a new job, as the job I am currently at... well, lets say "no longer suits my requierments" (boring, repetitive, not learning anything, working with anal people etc).

I have just been given the job offer to work for Toyota Financial Services as a Business Systems Analyst! :) :D :lol: B) :hehe:

I'm over the moon :D

This will be a proper company to work for.

Much better working environment (its their HQ in Epson - Burgh Heath). Purpose built building, with restaurant, gym, parking etc.

Get loadsa benefits including Non-contributory pension! (about time I got a pension full stop really!)

Oh, and did I mention a special rate for leasing of cars? Lexus and Toyota! Hmmmm :shifty:

Anyway, I'm still buzzing.

Gonna hand in my notice tomorrow!


D. B)

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Congratulations mate :D

Thanks Addie. :D

Congratulations Derek....................A new Lex on the horizon maybe? :D

Quite possibly Pete... :shifty:

Still buzzing on even getting the job! But yeah... Maybe... :winky:

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Congratulations Derek. :D

Any special offers on Lexus finance .... lol

Seriously John - there are as a matter of fact!

One of the perks of the job - specially discounted rate for leasing of cars! :D :driving:

well done of luck

Cheers big ears! :D :) :D :) :hehe: B)

Nice one dude all the best.

Thanxxxx! :)

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Thanks all!

So many replies I wont try to reply to them all!

But it was such a fantastic feeling when I was told "Toyota would like to employ you".

I went through a job agency, and he was as calm and as monotone as you can get. When he said he had "feedback" from Toyota, I thought it was gonna be a rejection.

Anyway, the deal on car leasing is for employees only i'm afraid afaik.

Roll in new challenges and working with people that think-alike.

My main role is to support the systems used when you guys get finance/lease deals on your Toyota's and Lexi cars. So, if you're at a dealer, and the system goes down, it could be me fixing it!

I've received my contract of employment via e-mail now, and hard copy is in the post... So will actually be waiting till Monday to give my current company the golden fingers :winky:

Kaizen (Japanese) - continuous improvement.



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