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Hello Again !

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right then,back on at last,for some unknown reason i've not been able to log on,so registered again under ian11 (instead of ian10) boo hoo lost my posting count now,will have to start again !!

1991 celsior,radio went dead while playing a tape,cd didnt work anyway but it was powered and would eject the disc's and sort them when put back in but not show on the display,not a prob,i thought cos ive vast amounts on the i-pod so i'll use that i thinks,but it dying put paid to that,when the headunit went dead so did the changer,no power to it,checked the fuses (1 under the dash and one under the bonnet)both ok,now before i start looking at fitting an after market unit,does anyone know of anymore fuses cos i sure cant find any on the dvd manual i bought,and if its kapput,has anyone fitted an after market unit and whats involved,my existing system has the changer in the boot with amp on top (pioneer),and will a new unit with the wiring adapters(if available !!)work with the existing amp , it sounded ace before and wouldnt want to ruin it,or am i looking at taking and having an install with new wiring and amp etc,its not too bad at the moment cos i enjoy the silence supplied with this fine vehicle,but a bit of posing goes down better with the bass pumping,awaiting your reply with limited funds ready. yours. Ian.

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