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Hi Guy's. Just spent most of the day fitting a tow bar to my 1996 LS400 from Watling engineering via Towequipe, cheaper than getting direct from Watling. (£232.00 including PP).

One large problem, if you don’t have a bench drill that takes a 13mm drill mine only takes 10mm, but I do have a lathe, so put the drill in the head stock and rested the angle plate on the cross slide and used the tailstock to force the it onto the drill.

The reason why! The holes in (angle drop plate) are the correct size but the hole centres where slightly out of line and I couldn’t get one bolt in.

After that it was fairly strait forward.

Just designed a PC board to take six relays to combat the loading on the existing wiring also any problems on the bulb failure circuits; Picking up the relay’s tomorrow.

I have already run 63-amp twin cable into the boot, made a special fuse holder to take blade fuses inside the main fuse box under the bonnet.

If somebody could tell me why my file attachments will not display on any new forum topic. Otherwise I would show you step-by-step Photos.

Regards Syd

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Thanks Syd, good feedback, that will save me a few hours when I fit mine. But I'm feeling guilty that I should fix the steering pump leak and replace the cam belt first before I treat myself to the tow bar.

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