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I thought I.d be sad to see my Celica go and I have to admit I miss the cornering but I'm loving the ride of the Lexus and considering it's a 14yr old car it's much more luxurious than my wife's 04 Megane scenic!

My freind (who recently traded up in size but down in years to a BMW530 estate) describes it as 'lording it over those common little 4bangers'... :lol:

I've nothing against 4 cyl engines, but I'm now convinced V8 is the way!

Any way, thanks for the advice so far and here's a couple of pics.

Needs sometidying up but...




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Well Done as to buying your new car :)

It looks very honest for the year and very very clean on the inside.

Looks like its been looked after as the alloys still look in good condition and the rear of the car is sitting as it should.Ive seen a few driving about with the rear end sitting low from tired springs.

As long as the car drives fine minor bodywork can be done at a later date.

Heres to Happy Motoring!!

and thanks for the pictures and update.


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Well done on finding such a gem! Enjoy one of the smoothest cars to have been made in the last 20 years..

You make me wanna buy one too!

How much did you pay?

Swaped it for my 94 Celica import with 150k on the clock! (paid 2k for it 1 year ago)

sticker price on it was 2200 so he's probably have gone to 1800 for cash after hagling.

Maybe not a perfect deal but I love the car and it got the wife off my back... now I have rear doors to get at the baby seat! :winky:

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Unfortunately your wifes car will plumit in value with depreciation.

You will lord it around in the best V8 luxury motor throughly enjoying every mile of it.

Try to put away £100 a month and when you LS dies, (years away) you'll have tons of cash to buy another one, they are such good value.

Once an LS driver, always an LS driver. You will find it near impossible to find any other car that is any where as good as an LS400.


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