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1uz Engine Revisions

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Hi Guys, trying to figure out which 1UZ is best for me.

Please correct me if im wrong but the 1UZ seems to have 3 revisions as below -

REV 1 - Toyota Soarer / Series 1&2 LS400 - 240BHP

REV 2 - Series 3 LS400 - 260BHP

REV 3 - Series 4 LS400 - 280BHP

I've decided im going to go with eithjer a REV1 or REV2 engine as i have a set of race cams lined up and i doubt very very much they will be compatible with the VVTI head.

Can anyone tell me what the diffrences are between the 240bhp rev1 and the 260bhp rev2?

Im hoping the power diffrence is just down to ECU and exhaust as i need a 1UZ with a soarer sump and a rev1 will make life easier...

If there are internal diffrences i'll probabaly go for the 260bhp version so im 20bhp up from the start before i start tuning.



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Was also available in the Aristo :D

Yeah i know dude :) But only came in 4WD flavour which wont be any good for me :winky:

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