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I have a strange problem with my 1997 GS300 Mk1 Sport.

The temerature gauge acts very strange on an intermittent basis i.e. it doesn't always happen!

Driving along with the needle at normal it suddenly has a life of it's own wavering a little then shooting upto just below the red line then back again. It does this a couple of times then goes back to normal.

This doesn't happen all the time, just been out on the motorway for a couple of hours and it didn't happen then, for example.

When it first happened I stopped the car and checked the coolant - not bubbling and no signs of leakage, the belt looks fine and the exhaust looks ok.

Anyone with any ideas?

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I was going to say there must be a air lock in the system :D

There could be a blockage floating around in the system and every now and again it reduces the water flow or it could be corrosion on the electrical conections on the temp sensor,there should be a wire plugging into a sensor on the side of the engine or near the water pump.

It might also be a sticky thermostat or the water pump on its way out.

Hope thats of some help.


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