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Group Buy Bad Debtors

Mr Morse

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It's very disappointing that I have to go public on this, but despite several requests to a number of members, there are still a number of people out there who have not paid me for the LED Pulse bulbs.

Those of you who have paid, thank you. To the members who "have forgotten", this is a final reminder. In seven days time, I will publically name-and-shame those people who still refuse to pay.

I know who you all are, I have your full names and address and unless payment is forthcoming you will be receiving a summons from the County Court. :crybaby:

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Thanks you to those who have responded... :D

The debtors list is now reduced to four members, of which two I know have paid. I just don't have any idea from whom the payments came.

For the two of you still owing me, do the honorable thing and get your hands in your pockets! :whistling:

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