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Hey guys, i posted on another topic that i am finally a proud owner of a new IS250 SE in Black. As part of the deal i got Lexus to supaguard the car, however less than a week of owning the car 2 scratches have appeared one on either side !!!!!

In addition to this there seems to be what appears as scuff marks on the bonnet and the passenger door, which dont clear if i try to rub them off !!!!!!

The car has been phenominal but the scratches are really pi***ng me off

Is it best that i take it to Lexus to get these sorted or go somewhere else which may be cheaper. I will probably take the car next week coz i have to take it to a wedding and no doubt there will be some kids getting too close !!!

Anyway, i also wanted to ask although i have had the supaguard done is there anything else that i should be doing to help protect the car and keep it shiny !! e.g. wax, wash and what materials etc would be best

Thanks again for any help

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That is such a shame. How deep are the scratches and how hard are the scuffs?

I would say take it to your dealer - you never know - if they have a bodyshop on site they may just fix it free for you while you wait using stuff that won't invalidate your supagard treatment - at the end of he day they don't want a scratched Lexus, especially one that turns heads like the new IS does...

Wax can sometimes help keep scratches at bay - the type that happen if you have to drive past leafy bushes and the like. Wax creates a thin barrier, but it is thin.

If they can't fix it, you don't want to use anything abrasive. Steer clear of most Autoglym products, any poslishes etc as they will remove your Supagard.

The only thing I know you can really use is Carnauba wax. There may be other people on the forum who will be wiser than I!!!

Final thing is that Supagard kits are for sale on eBay. Supagard recommends you use their own gloss/wax - try the ebay stores. You will be surprised how cheap the kits come in at. That way if you do have to use an abrasive polish, you can re-apply the Supagard and keep it all intact...

Good luck!!

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I have just finished layering my second coat of Swissol on the cr (on top of the Supagard treatment). The wax takes to it fine and it is now "baking" in the sun nicely.

I am also about to get my car "Armourfend" treated too, which will truly protect the paintwork. I want it to stay gleaming looking!

Brian [:)]

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