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Cd Based Sat Nav Fix- Questions

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Hi all,

Just got myself a Lexus GS 300 T-plate (99) so I thought I better register here ;)

Upon doing a search on google I came accross the satnav fix here Pinned: Cd-based Satnav Laser Fixn Is200

I have the same problem.

As far as I know my unit is a CD based system ..correct? Well according to my local dealer.

My error is as follows :- Put CD in system and the front screen says "reading disc" then after a while it then tells me to insert cd or something.

I've seen some TOYOTA TNS 200 units on ebay which I'm willing to try out but I have one real important question.

When the unit is unplugged I get no display at all on the screen and I loose all function for Air-con & Stereo etc. All I'm concerned about is

If I exchange the CD lense out of the Toyota unit into my Lexus unit, is there any possibilty that it will DESTROY my Lexus unit if its not compatible

If there's any possibility of this I'd rather have a working stereo and air-con etc than risk blowing the lot.

Please can anyone shed any light on this??


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Have you tried another disc first?

Replacing the laser unit shouldn't affect the working of the main unit provided you don't damage it during your attempted repair.

The new laser unit should be identical to the old one, if when you open it up you find it isn't then don't try and replace it.

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I have been to the local dealer who gave me a new disc to try but it had no effect :(

I've spoken with the seller off ebay and his is a CD based version also, so it should go ok hopefully.

I'll compare the two units before I install the new lense.

Thanks again for the info.

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