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My Single Turbo Mk1 Aristo


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ok guys, well my single turbo install is nearly finished, will post some pics in the comming week when things are finished off and will put up a full spec list. Looks amazing aswell. I think this is the ONLY auto mk1 aristo with a single turbo in the UK (but dont quote me on that) so its something special.

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Looking forward to seeing the pictures and spec list.

Wasnt there a Aristo that was posted up on here last year that was running around 800bhp,it was forsale and the person was asking 15K im sure in the spec it said it was a single Turbo and a Autobox :unsure:


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This is the spec list at the moment (that i can remember) with plenty more to come:

SP61 turbo,


Custom downpipe,

Custom intake pipe,

Custom wastegate flange,

Greddy FMIC,

Custom Oil feed and return lines,

Single walbro fuel pump,

AEM wideband,

PE 650cc injectors,

Auto cooler and 7 " pull spal fan,

Greddy emanage+ harnesses,

50mm wastegate,

Aeromotive FPR,

Blitz boost controller,

Decat pipe 3",

Oil catch can,

4" K&N air filter,

Turbo blanket,

HKS SSQV + weld on flange,

Greddy Pressure sensor,

Greddy Boost controller,

Polished Intake manifold + Throttle body,

Polished Cam covers

Complete service.

Next to come within the next few weeks:

Fully built engine,

Standalone ECU (Motec),

BL built auto box.

I am planning on making this the ultimate Aristo, i will be investing alot into this project and if anyone needs some advise just drop me a PM. Tonnes of fabrication already went into this project with plenty more to come :)

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Thanks for the pictures,glad your enjoying the new power :)

Out of interest,i take it your is a autobox?

How much more Turbo lag is there before the car gets going?

Ive found on my autobox if your doing around 35mph it will not kick down to bottom gear so the engines on the first Turbo and its not a brisk.


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