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Is200 Arm Rest


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Im pretty sure something has already been mentioned about this, but Ill ask anyway.

Where can I get an arm rest from, and for how much?

I asked at my local dealer and he claimed it would involve replacing the whole centre console, and cost £1500, which I know for a fact is absolute rubbish as ive seen the fitting instucitions on this site.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Hi Mike,

You can defo buy them as a seperate aftermarket kit, it comes with all the bits to fit the existing non arm rest console, even the new pockets etc and fitting instructions.

If I can remember rightly, I brought mine from a member here on LOC and it cost me around 220GBP including shipping.

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£1500! lol how do they work that out? iirc parts comes to £220-£250ish... labour, max 2 hours if there having lots of tea breaks... so at worst £400 inc fitting.. thats daylight robbery, £1500 is just absurd!

You don't need a different center console, not if you get all the parts.

If you PM Chris S. he will get you the neccessary bits, and if you need a hand fitting it give us a shout, your not too far from me :)

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Thanks Mr Singh, ill give Chris a buzz.

Shouldnt have a prob fitting it as i have the instructions printed off, the hardest part will be getting the kit i think!

As for the garage quote, it IS just crazy money! dont know why they thought they needed to replace the centre console, all you do is fit the arm rest into the rear cubby hole. I dont know what planet they live on!

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