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Geometery - Before/after

Mr Singh

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Followin from my 'extreme tyre wear' thread i had to get some idea why my tyre wear apart from the obvious camber issue was so bad.

Got some new rubber,


And i popped down to Bedford -

Heres what they achieved..


Steering is now straight, the wobble has now gone that i had around 40-60 and it tracks very nicely.

Very pleased so far, only time will tell how they wear!

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questioned that too.. however funnily the old Left side front tyres i had before wore through the rubber onto the nylons WAY before the right side did!

The Toe was a good bit out too.

As a rule if the car is modified and the desired adjustment is not possible then aim for symmetry, the disparity in the front camber is wrong, i could be argued so what?.... well in reality the left turn and the right turn represent different forces, particularly in wet conditions, this could be dangerous.

The reason the camber position is not consistent with the severity of the angles is the fact the camber positions swap from negative toward positive as you corner, this also via the SJI moves the scrub radius and the castor positions.

It would have been nice to have seen a symmetrical set-up.......

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