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Factory Fitted Headunit Help

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Hello all,

I would like to know what inputs and outsputs, if any, are at the back of the standard factory fitted headunit found in my IS200 Sport. It's a W-reg 2000 model. Also, I know there are two different types of this headunit, so to help clarify things, my CD loading hole is at the bottom.

Basically, my plan requires an input, so I can have sound from my PSP coming out of my car speakers.

Thank you in advance for your help!


PS. I did try and search the forums for the answer, but didn't find anything.

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That may explain why I didn't find this gadget on the Prolex-UK website. But I've emailed Prolex-UK anyway, to try my luck.

Anyone know of any second hand AUX adapters for sale?


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There like rocking horse poop! Luckily I was online the minute ProLex launched the adapters. Good luck in your hunt.


have a look at that on the link above, i was going to get one but as i have the factory sat nav which meant extra fannying about and cost so decided against it.

they stock them in Halfords now

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