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In The Garage Again This Week


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Some of you may have read recently that I had a rubbing noise coming from the nearside front wheel wich I thought may have been a sticking calliper I had this checked out at my local garage (non Lexus) on friday it wasn't a sticking calliper but possibly a stone got stuck or something but anyway they dismantled and reasembled the the front brakes and seems to have cleared the problem. Great plus they didn't charge me a penny!

But on the afterwork test drive as they call it we noticed a clunky rattling noise coming from the offside rear everytime we went over a bump or pothole the KID that was test driving said it was probably one of the linkages from the anti roll bar was worn or loose???? has anyone heard of this? if he had said the ball joints had worn it would of made sense as iv'e read a few topics about this

This dosent seem like the obvoius cause to me but i'm not the expert so I thought id check with you guys (the real experts) so I don't go in on tuesday blind and end up throwing money at something that could be easily fixed.

So far 4 months into owning my first Lexus i'm slowly starting to worry that theese Little problems may start to get bigger which was exactly the reason I went from my Punto to a car that was voted most reliable 3 years running eemmmm!



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