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Centre Armrest


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Hi all,

I was thinking of asking these guys to try and make up an aftermarket centre armrest for the IS, as an alternative to the OEM one. (-looks like it would work out alot cheaper!)

Any thoughts??

Anyone tried this before?

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Hey dude, i finally found the post you were talking to me about at the Ace Cafe... i'm not sure if these guys will make a good rest, but if the price is right, and you're not overly concerned about the OEM feel, go for it.

Personally, the arm rest Am did a group buy on, was well worth it.

I don't know how i survived without it! :D

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Get a proper one. My brother tried one of these in his Corrado, and believe me when i say the quality is cack it is! Plastic creakey plop!

The Armrest itself isn't bad but it is huge!!! the fitting bracket is rubbish too imo

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Hey dudes,

-Yeah, i was worried they looked a little on the cheap side! :wacko:

But the original looked smart in your guys' cars! (-and seeing them made me realise how much iv been leaning! lol)

Also Mr. lex mentioned that they had some success with an aftermarket kit a little while back

...anyway i emailed the guy with some pictures of the OEM one to see if he could come up with anything.

Fingers crossed. (althought it is a bit of a long shot!)

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