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Anyone Heard From Geoffers?


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I'm sure if this is a good idea, but I was wondering if anyone has any news about Geoffers?

He has not being answering his phone and hasn't replied to his emails for weeks and last week I heard some worrying news about his health condition.

I realise that he is constantly in/out of hospital and cannot answer his phone/respond to email while away but I usually get a few emails back from him when he is back home..

Just want to know he is okay and still with us.....

Hope your okay mate! ;)


Anees :D

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Hope he's not too ill, had asked Mike about Geoffers at the weekend and he said he'd not been about for a while...

If you do read this Geoff, my wishes are with you and hope you're not feeling too ill mate.

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If Dave (Prolex) can get a message to him, please can you let him know, that we are all hoping he is in better health.

A small message to let us know would probably put our minds at ease.

(his name was mentioned at the Ace Cafe meet, and we were all wondering how he is?)

Best Wishes.


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