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Alarm Randomly Flashing Up On Cd Player Lcd

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OK a couple of days ago the car flashed up the message 'Alarm' on the LCD panel of the CD player a few times - sure I'd read somewhere on here before what it meant but can't find that topic right now, and I don't have the manual handy so can't RTFM!

Any ideas what it means?

It happened twice on one journey about 20 minutes and 30 minutes in respectively, and then hasn't happened again over the past couple of days...

Is something fecked, or is it just worried about my taste in music?

Thanks in advance :D

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Cheers fella, seems weird as I was listening to a CD at the time lol!

Never use the radio - did I read on here once that it can come on if the alarm had been set off?

Don't think I'd had peas when it happened so can't have been a national emergency :D

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