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My 92 GTT just failed it's MOT because no ABS light came up when the car is started. Can someone confirm that it should? I've never noticed and have a sneaky suspicion that what the tester was looking for could be found if he pressed the 'scroll' button on the dash.

Please enlighten me. If the ABS light should come up and isn't what should my next steps be?

Thanks in advance!

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People have this problem from time to time because the Soarer works differently from normal cars. There is no warning light to appear then go out if there's no fault. When you switch on, if all is OK the "ABS" message appears on the dash, then disappears. If there's a fault there's a "bong" and a Japanese error message.

Show the tester the checks that happen when you start the car, or what happens when you press the scroll button.

I know someone who had to resort to disconnecting a wheel sensor to show the tester what happens when there is a fault, but that shouldn't be necessary.

If all else fails, ask on TIF or LSOC. There should be someone in your area with a Soarer and an MOT who can point you in the right direction.

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