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Is250 Window Tints

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Anybody had tints on their 250 yet? I'm thinking about getting my 250 tinted similar to my 200 Sport but it may look odd if the rears are much darker than the front.

What's the UK law? Just for the curious each state over here has different legal acceptance, which doesn't make a lot of sense as a car tint legal in Arkansas can drive through Arizona with completely different requirements. Guess it's enforced by matching to the State of registration :unsure:

hmmm, just noticed the small print, so looks like the same situation exists as in the UK i.e it's down to the PD as to whether they're having an 'off-day' or not.

'These laws may not be current and are often enforced differently by different PD's. In all cases, refer to you local authority for enforcement policies, current laws, rules or regulations. Your current state law is the final authority. The numbers represent the percentage of light transmitted through the tinted glass, so the lower the number, the darker the film allowed. Generally the films are sold as 5%(limo), 20%(dark), 35%(medium), 50%(light).

S.U.V.s often have different regulations, which are not listed here.'

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