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Hi All,

I have ben reading some historic posts on the ATF thing and almost everyone seems to say use Toyota T-IV and NOTHING ELSE. :lol:

I understand this concern but I deal with oils everyday for a living and I cannot see that Mobil ATF-3309 is not suitable also.

It comes down to the lubricity properties and the viscosity index which the 3309 is designed to meet.

The only reason I drag this one up again is that I was planning on flushing this weekend and maybe changing the strainer too but when my local Toyota dealer daid it was over 50 quid plus vat for a 5 litre container of T-IV (08886-82025) I nearly choked! :ohmy:

I'm loving the Lexus LS ride but to flush out is gona take at lease 9 litres... if it runs into 3 of these containers... I could buy another cheap car to go to work in and leave the LS on the drive just to look good! B)

For info I have pasted some info from the Mobil site about their 3309 ATF

and here's the web site


Mobil ATF 3309 is recommended for use in transmissions made by Aisin-Warner requiring fluids approved against JWS 3309 or GM 9986195. It is also recommended for service fill applications where Toyota T-IV, T4, T-III or T3 are called for. Please refer to the owners’ manual for proper fluid requirements.

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Specifications and Approvals

MOBIL ATF 3309 meets the following specifications


Part No. or specification

Audi TT, A3 G-052-025-A2

Ford Five Hundred Montego WSS-M2C924-A

Lexus Most models JWS 3309/Type T-IV

Mitsubishi Fuso FE 2005 and newer vehicles

Porsche Cayenne S, Cayenne Turbo JWS 3309/Type T-IV

Saab 9.3, 9.5 All 5-speed automatics

Saturn Vue, Ion GM9986195

Toyota Most models JW 3309/Type T-IV

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mobil sounds OK but LS 400 owners here and in the USA insist on Toyota T-IV on pain of death! :ohmy:

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