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Is200 Tyre Fitting Dilemna

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Hi all,

I am sure that I should have posted this in the wheels and tyre section. However I decided to post my question here instead so that I can get a higher response rate (or so I hope). Thus, I apologise if I am offending anyone.

Well it's been 3 years and 30,000 miles and finally the time has come to change the tyres on the Lexus. I am looking to replace them like for like - i.e. with Dunlop SP Sport 9000 Lexus.

Problem is I need all 4 replaced and the dealers are quoting ridiculous prices. I can get them much cheaper elsewhere ( etc). So does anyone know of a reputable place/garage that will fit and balance the tyres for me and perhaps do a geometry as well in the west midlands area.

Also has anyone used and if so how good was the service? I am not sure how reliable a mobile service can be with the balancing etc not having used a mobile service before. And I definitely don't want the alloys to be ruined by some 3rd rate machine when fitting the tyres on.

PS: On another note, can anyone recommend a good MOT centre - yes it's time for that too! I have been using Lexus dealers till now to keep from voiding the warranty so I have little knowledge of other garages.

Thank you in advance.

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